Dynamic and Functional Stability Training

There is something unique to you and what you do that causes your pain. Our goal is to create a rehabilitation program catered specifically to you and your needs. Physical therapy is more than the ability to perform a generic set of exercises. It is about how you do what you do, day to day.

The demands of our lives expose us to postural strain, habitual movements, overuse and muscular imbalances. We become short/tight/overactive in some areas, and elongated/weak/inactive in others. This ends up creating uneven forces around our joints. In time this creates instability, aberrant movement patterns and pain. Addressing these imbalances is the key to successful rehabilitation.

We aim to restore functional and dynamic strength and mobility. This goes beyond how you perform basic exercises, and addresses how you move and use your body in all that you do from walking your dog, to hiking up the mountain. Initially we work to reestablish the muscles ability to turn on/off. We then progress the demands on the muscle as we increase resistance and the complexity of the task. We give you the skills to correctly do what is important to you, whether that is returning to a sport or a simple task like walking up stairs.

Most patients will get training exercises to perform at home in order to reinforce new movement patterns. These exercises will most often be things that don’t require expensive equipment. Your therapist may suggest the use of resistance bands, exercise balls or small weights to perform your exercises. And although your physical therapist is there for guidance during therapy sessions, it is important that each patient do their “homework” in order to maximize recovery.