Massage Therapy Techniques

Massage Therapy Vail CONeuromuscular Massage
Trigger point therapies which can activate the nervous system’s connection to undertoned muscles or deactivate spasming in hypertoned muscles.

Myofascial Release
Deep tissue massage  which focuses on improving motion between the  layers of  the fascia, muscle and connective tissues.

Sports Massage
For pre-marathon or apres-ski, the body needs fine-tuning when taking on the intense activities of the Vail Valley.

Prenatal Massage
Gentle, nurturing massage eases the body’s journey through pregnancy and after!  A special pregnancy pillow allows the mother-to-be to lie face down on the massage table

Energetic bodywork focusing on head, hand or foot pressure points which effect full-body wellness and balance

Japanese “thumb pressure” massage.  This technique is deep, energetic and long-lasting.