February 25, 2013

I was a regular patient at JointWorx for several years. First there was a rotator surgery recovery. Then, 3 more on that same shoulder (not the doc’s fault). Next, one rotator surgery on the other, or right, shoulder. Rotator issues are extremely painful, and remain so throughout each typically 6 month surgery to recovery period. By the time I had rehabilitated from FIVE rotator surgeries, it was time for new knees. Don’t recall how many weeks of rehab for those, but less than for shoulders. I consider myself a pro in the need for, benefits of, and aspects of joint rehabilitation. The methods used at JointWorx are amazing, and virtually pain free, with expert manual manipulation and massage in private rooms, and – additionally, the knowledge that my therapist was never distracted, always focused on me. Easy to do, as most expert manipulation and massage is done in private rooms instead of one big gym. I always walked in to a welcoming and warm greeting at the front desk. I cannot sing enough praise for JointWorx.

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