Mike Christenberry

Mike Christenberry
Physical Therapist

Mike’s history with bodywork goes back to his teen years when he was ‘drawn’ to massage friends and family– often intuitively finding and resolving pain and discomfort. His formal education in massage was completed at New York City’s acclaimed Swedish Institute. Mike moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1994 to pursue mountain life and a new career in sports and rehabilitative massage therapy.

After meeting Sara at a small PT clinic at Copper Mountain, the two moved to the Vail Valley where they formed Jointworx. Mike spends his spare time hiking, skiing, running and enjoying Colorado.

“I have always been drawn to (combining) therapies. One patient can benefit in so many more dimensions after receiving work in varied modalities. What Massage may not fully resolve, dry-needling may help, or cold-laser therapy, or manual joint mobilization; having so many disciplines practiced under one roof assures the patient the most complete therapy.

The Jointworx team works together, studies, plays and talks together with a goal of maximizing rehabilitation results.

In addition to bodywork, Mike teaches Mindfulness and meditation at Jointworx’s sister facility: Body & Mindworx. Taught and certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra, he holds classes throughout the week. Mike has taught hundreds of individuals how to meditate and recently led an online Meditation Challenge for the Chopra Center that reached tens of thousands worldwide!

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