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"All the people at Jointworx are fantastic. Special callout to Sarah and Bill. After my most recent injury I went to the Avon clinic. The service, customized rehab and listening is refreshing and works! I have had three major prior surgeries and dearly wish I had come to Jointworx before. I feel more mentally hopeful AND better after each session, which motivates me to stick with the plan. If you are injured go here: they are incomparably better and know the body and how it works. Plus they are friendly too!"
Jan 04, 2023
"I was very please with my post-surgery rehab at your clinic. Great therapist- everything clean & fresh- always right on schedule! Great experience. "
Dec 17, 2022
"I wouldn’t rehab my body anywhere else. I have followed Sara thru 3 moves. I have been working with her for OVER 20 YEARS. Sara always hires therapists that have the same philosophy about therapy as she does. I have most recently used Cody and Bill in Avon. They push you to get stronger but on the tough days that you hit a wall they are supportive and say just do the best you can and at least you showed up. I have used them for minor tuneups to surgery recovery. I am currently doing rehab on a knee replacement and I am about a month ahead of the curve with the help of Cody. No matter which therapist you are working with the other therapists encourage you, too."
Nov 08, 2022
"The best in the valley. After my surgery the clinic recommended Sarah and her staff, as do I! "
Nov 01, 2022
"Injured my shoulder water skiing & had 4 weeks of PT through Bill. He amazed me with his ability to manipulate the shoulder & avoid moving it in a manner to stress the shoulder & cause pain. Bill is a wonderful physical therapist & very knowledgeable in what he does."
Oct 19, 2022
"Abby is very competent, knowledgeable and pleasant. She has really helped my issue. I highly recommend her and Jointworx. "
Sep 27, 2022
"Bill Lerch is very knowledgeable, active athlete, he has personal injury experience, explains pt procedures, great at critiquing exercises. My rotator cuff and bicep is nearly back to normal. "
Sep 04, 2022
"I have been seen at Jointworx many times over the last ten years. They are always responsive, their therapists are knowledgeable and effective. I sent my teen to their office for treatment after a snowboard injury and she was comfortable going to appointments on her own and was quickly back on the slopes. I would highly recommend this physical therapy for any injury. "
Aug 26, 2022
"Abby fixed my glute issue fast and expertly. I still go just because she is such a delight to be with"
Jul 13, 2022
"I am a retired physician physician with 35 years in practice. After I hurt my back skiing I was referred to Erica at JointWorx and have been thoroughly impressed by her knowledge and skill as she helps me return to full function. I give her my unqualified recommendation"
Feb 03, 2022
"While on vacation in Colorado I ended up in miserable pain, the result of irreversible injuries from a long ago auto accident. I felt very discouraged going to physical therapy when I was supposed to be having fun, but it was the best thing that could have happened! Everyone at Jointworx in Avon was professional and caring. Cody treated me three times within one week. He was knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging. He also introduced me to dry needling with electric stimulation. Over the past 21-years I’ve journeyed with pain, I’ve had plenty of dry needling with minimal results. But this e-stim dry needling Cody used was life changing for me! I enjoyed the rest of my vacation feeling better than I had in decades! Now home on the East Coast I’m in search of someone who can offer the same technique and results. Next time I’m in Colorado I’ll look forward to having PT with “my” therapist at Jointworx. Thank you, Cody!"
Jan 31, 2022
"TMJ Therapy—Very, very pleased with the therapy provided by Abby at Jointworx in Edwards, CO. After suffering for months with severe jaw pain when chewing, I was referred by my dentist to Jointworx for physical therapy. Abby took on my case, and after several sessions, I found real relief. Abby is professional, knowledgeable, proficient and gentle, as well as having excellent communication skills. I recommend Abby without reservation—she’s terrific! "
Oct 19, 2021
"The running assessment that Bill did was awesome. Super friendly and very knowledgeable. "
Aug 28, 2021
"The team at Jointworx is wonderful. I have injuries on and off so when I just recently had knee surgery was looking for treatment that was individualized and found it with Cody. It is also an extremely calm and relaxed environment which helps after surgeries. I am very thankful for the care and compassion to get me back on my feet. Thank you for everything. I feel confident that I will be walking again with more stamina soon."
Apr 16, 2021
"Best PT I’ve ever received. Bill always knows exactly what I need and has a variety of exercises and suggestions there and for home. I am happy to recommend him to anyone. (Very well sanitized too!)"
Dec 29, 2020
"I have being going for physical therapist and Cody was my therapist he is great, knowledgeable and has great skills. All the team at Avon is great, was very easy to schedule and great customer services."
Dec 17, 2020
"With over 30 yrs healthcare experience I believe I know what great clinical services looks like. I came to the region shortly after rotator cuff surgery. My goal was to make an expeditious recovery and get back to my golf game ASAP. I worked with Erica (PT) extensively and made a great recovery. I left there with a tired shoulder for sure after my appointments but we hit my aggressive goals. I recommend Jointworx in Edwards and Erica. She is smart, professional and good fun to work with. Most importantly she is effective. "
Sep 28, 2020
"Hi, I am so glad that I choosed jointworx for my physical therapy. Since I have been coming to this wonderful place I found remedy to my lower left pain in my back. Bill is a great therapist, since the first appointment I felt much less pain. He inmediatly found the rigth excercises for me. Thanks Bill, for been so good in what you do!!!. God Bless You! "
Sep 07, 2020
"Thank God for Sara and her team at Joint Worxs! I have been injured on and off over the years and if it wasn't for Joint Worxs I have no idea where I would be today. The team has put me back on the slopes doing what I love every time. My goal is to be able to ski at the level that I was skiing at before the injury. With a combination of dry needling, manipulation, exercise and massage, I am able to continue doing what I love. For me it is back and knee issues, but Joint Worxs can take care of all of your needs with their individualized care. I would highly recommend Joint Worxs. They are a 10 in my book! "
Jan 23, 2020
"Anne is wonderful! Thank you for the fabulous care you provided our family."
Jan 23, 2020

Every person we treat is unique but they all have one thing in common…they become winners. The battle over pain or injury can be difficult but it can be won. With our help, many have triumphed…and so can you.

“I will state unequivocally as someone who has had back issues for over 30 years, she has done wonders for me. I am very thankful.”

-Butch (58 y/o)
“I came in for hip rehab and Sara and Julie helped with needling and other techniques… I am very grateful to have Jointworx in our valley.”

-Dana (30 y/o)


The methods used at JointWorx are amazing, and virtually pain free, with expert manual manipulation and massage in private rooms, and – additionally, the knowledge that my therapist was never distracted, always focused on me. Easy to do, as most expert manipulation and massage is done in private rooms instead of one big gym. I always walked in to a welcoming and warm greeting at the front desk. I cannot sing enough praise for JointWorx.

– D.B.

I have seen Sara Manwiller many times over the last decade for back and shoulder issues. She has typically been able to treat me with manual manipulation and solve my problems within a few visits, and sometimes even in a single visit. The at-home exercises she has prescribed have been easy to follow through on, and have provided long-term benefits. I found the most effective treatment I received to be dry needling- this provided immediate relief. The massage team at Jointworx is also excellent- they clearly understand the treatment Sara is providing and complement it. I would always visit Jointworx as a first method of treatment for any muscle or joint issue.

– P.K.

Sara has been putting me back together since she first treated me for postpartum recovery 12 years ago. She has helped me heal from every injury from living an active life I’ve incurred since that time. Additionally, the dry needle treatments I receive from her regularly in my neck and traps is the only thing that has worked to reduce the incidence of migraine headaches I have. I have less lost time at work and at play as a result. As a longtime meditation and yoga practitioner I appreciate Sara’s comprehensive view of traditional Western approaches with Ayurveda. She has a keen vision. Sara lives the lifestyle we all enjoy so she understands our needs to be active and pain-free. Jointworx is a great asset to our community.

– E.G.

I credit Jointworx for helping me stay a happy, healthy and active person! I have the misfortune of several injuries in the last 5 years including a sprained ankle, whiplash and a displaced rib. Sara Manwiller has been an amazing therapist for me and has gotten me back on my feet in no time after each injury. Sara’s evaluations, joint mobilizations, advice and exercises in conjunction with amazing follow up massages from Mike Christenberry and other members of the staff have proven incredibly helpful in my recoveries. I have also had several dry needling procedures done with Sara and they have been an amazing tool to aid in quick recovery, as well. Jointworx is a great asset to our community.

– C.P.

I have been at Jointworx patient since training for triathlons in 2006. Through the years, the PTs and MT’s at Joinworx have helped me considerably. My first experience was when I pulled my hamstring and then struggled with tendonitis while training for an Ironman. Not only was Sara supportive of my goal, she helped me continue to train by using manual therapy to get my body back in alignment, taught me how to use Kinesio tape to tape myself before the race and gave me exercises to strengthen my muscle imbalances. I was not only able to complete my race, but I was able to race my race. Next, I crashed while skiing and had an enormous bruise on my hip. Sara was working on an article and wanted to show how Kinesio tape helped heal bruises. She taped my hip in a basket weave pattern and the taped area of the bruise healed significantly faster. I am sold on Kinesio tape! Several years later, I injured my low back. I was not able to function normally, because sitting hurt, bending hurt, and lifting hurt. This time the treatment included manual therapy, dry needling and massage. At first, I was terrified of dry needling. Basically, Sara needled different parts of my hips and back. She would stick the needle into my sore muscle causing it to contract and then release. Although it is a bit uncomfortable during the treatment, it seems to provide fast relief of injuries. I was able to function normally within a few weeks. Last fall, I was training for a 200 mile, 2 day bike ride. Two weeks before the ride, my calf got very sore. It was so sore, I stopped riding my bike. When I made an appointment at Jointworx, I was certain I was not going to be able to do my ride. I went to see Sara and in only 4 appointments using a combination of dry needling, manual therapy and massage, I was able to do my bike ride with no calf pain.

– H.T.

Being an avid runner, I’ve been prone to a few injuries. Sara has always been right on with the diagnosis and has given me various exercises that help me recover so I can keep running. Mike is outstanding for therapeutic massage– I would highly recommend him. Dana is great as well, as is the whole staff at Jointworx, very professional!

– S.W.

Hi Sharon…Oh my goodness, you are so amazing! I had no pain at all after the MAT treatment. I outpaced my goal time by three minutes, too!! Thank you so much, I am your biggest fan! You are the best!

– S.M.