Cold Laser

The ML830 cold laser works by sending photons (light) into injured tissues to immediately decrease pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing. The low level laser light (LLL) is able to penetrate two inches into the body’s tissues, but because it does not generate heat, it can be used anywhere on the body.* It is even safe to use on children! It was FDA approved in 2002 in the United States.

The 830 laser works to decrease inflammation on many different levels. Research has demonstrated that LLL enhances ATP production, contributing to cellular repair. Tissues irradiated by the 830 laser show reduced ischemia and improved vasodilation. This facilitates repair of the tissues and removal of cellular debris. On a cellular level, there is a reduction in Interleukin1 (a pro-inflammatory cytokine), and a decrease in C-reactive proteins. There is an enhanced lymphocyte response, and increased angiogenesis of blood and lymphatic capillaries. Use of LLL on inflamed tissues accelerates the temperature normalization.

Pain is diminished immediately with LLL usage by increasing endorphins and acetylcholine levels in the injured tissues. Laser use also blocks depolarization of c-fiber afferent nerves, and increases nitrous oxide production. LLL restores normal nerve cell action potential and decreases bradykinin levels. Patients regularly report immediate, significant pain reduction after laser treatment.

The 830 laser also speeds up the healing response in inflamed tissues by enhancing leukocyte infiltration and increasing macrophage activity. LLL stimulates collagen synthesis, angiogenesis, fibroblast proliferation and endothelial cell regeneration. Ultimately, it speeds up wound healing, minimizes scarring and decreases infection opportunities. Research has shown that the strength of the irradiated tissue demonstrates increased tensile strength compared to non-treated tissue. The stronger tissue should be less vulnerable to re-injury.

Treatment using the 830 laser is painless, and the treatment does not wear off like some treatments or medications. There are no bad side-effects. It is TRUE HEALING! If you don’t reinjure the area after treatment, the pain should not return. Some chronic injuries do require multiple treatments to provide complete relief, and additional physical therapy techniques and exercises are often recommended to maximize effects. Treatments last between 10-30 minutes based on the size of the injured area and the severity of the condition. Discounted packages for multiple treatments are available. See under “payments” on our homepage for discounted package pricing.

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* do not use over the eyes or fetus, exercise precaution over the thyroid, e-coli infections or known cancerous tumors
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