Vail Valley Testimonials

“All the people at Jointworx are fantastic. Special callout to Sarah and Bill. After my most recent injury I went to the Avon clinic. The service, customized rehab and listening is refreshing and works! I have had three major prior surgeries and dearly wish I had come to Jointworx before. I feel more mentally hopeful AND better after each session, which motivates me to stick with the plan. If you are injured go here: they are incomparably better and know the body and how it works. Plus they are friendly too!”

Michael K.

“Sara and the team at Jointworx are the best! They are great at finding the root cause of problems and fixing everything. I have been treated by Sara, Bill and Erica and they are all great. I have been going to Jointworx for 6+ years and even though I now live out of state, I travel back to Colorado to go to Jointworx whenever I need PT.”

Katrina H.

“I have been going to Jointworx for years for all types of ailments, knee and back pain and carpal tunnel discomfort. I always learn so much about my body and how it functions and I always recover without further medical treatment necessary. Jointworx helps me age with better function and mobility. They have the latest technology and therapy, including lasers and needling. I would highly recommend them for any and all services, even massage! Sara, Erika and Felipe have all been amazing partners to me.”

Jennifer L.

“The entire staff at Jointworx is wonderful. Thoughtful and knowledgeable. My healing time has improved immensely. Erica is the best!”

Carolyn M.

“Easy to make appointments, friendly staff, was able to give exercises to do at home. Would recommend and use again.”

Miso B.

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Karen P.

“I have been going to Jointworx for the past 10 years on and off for various reasons. Some visits happen when I overdo it in some way or new activity brings new problems. In these cases, the PT and massage therapists at Jointworx are thorough in explaining how I injured myself, experts in giving me relief with either assisted stretching, massage or dry needling and lastly setting me up with at home follow up to be in control of my own progress. I have also used them after knee meniscus surgery and my hip replacement for rehab. I appreciate the individual attention I am given and the variety offered. No two visits are the same. The newness of different exercises keeps me engaged in my recovery.”

Sophie H.

“I’ve been to Jointworx a handful of times and they’ve never failed me. One time in particular, I went after waking up unable to move my head/neck without excruciating pain. They were able to schedule me the same day. Everyone there was extremely kind, and the woman who worked on my neck talked me through everything and I left able to turn my head. i’ve never had a bad experience”