Video #1
Exercises to Stop Chronic Hip Pain Fast

Welcome to this 3-part video series presented by Sara Manwiller, MSPT, ATC, CSCS with Jointworx Physical Therapy We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

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VIDEO #1. Two Movements and Exercises That Relieve Hip Pain

In this video, you'll learn the root cause of your hip pain and two simple (and repeatable) exercises you can do on your own from home that relieves chronic hip pain.

VIDEO #2.  Big Mistakes Made By Most and How to Avoid Them

This video is all about taking control. Sara goes over the DO's and DONT's to hip pain relief and maintaining healthy hips! Please contact us if you don't get the email to this next video within 48 hours. In the mean time, practice the movements taught in the first video twice per day.

VIDEO #3. Self-Assessment and Increasing Motion & Strength

In this video, you'll learn self-assessment movements to check your progress. These functional movements will also be a part of your daily routine along with the two movements in Video #1 to increase your range of motion and strength for long-term relief of hip pain.


If any of the activities from the video increase your pain, stop immediately and call (970) 470- 4023 to speak with a specialist. DO NOT continue or try to push through the pain.